We had hoped to run a “Covid Secure” festival on the original dates,  30 April – 2 May 2021 and we had prepared a reduced Syllabus. However, our venue, West Hill Park School, in Titchfield, has advised us that it is unable to allow us access to the school due to the ongoing Covid situation and is not currently considering letting any part of the venue to any outside organisations.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, in that the school has the situation under constant review and has indicated that if national Covid restrictions substantially reduce, we could possibly have access to run the event during the autumn half term. This would give us three opportunities:

15/16/17 October – Half term​
22/23/24 October – Half term
29/30/31 October – Half term
So, although the festival cannot go ahead in April/May this year, there may be an opportunity in October.